[Solved] Screen Turns Black During Windows XP Installation

I was installing Windows XP on a computer and would always get to “Installing devices” before the monitor would turn off.  The computer and DVD drive seemed to continue running normally but installation could obviously not continue without me being able to see what’s on the screen.  Rebooting the computer would just cause the installation process to restart and then the screen would turn black at the same point again.

That image above is the last thing I would see before the monitor turned off.

The reason this occurs is because Windows is having trouble with the graphics driver for the video card in the computer. Windows attempts to load a driver for the video card (“Installing devices”), fails at doing so, and the screen turns off as a result.

I recommend using a different video card while installing Windows XP. After installation is successful, just swap out the replacement card with the one that was in the computer before.

If you don’t have a spare video card lying around, there is another option. I was trying to install Windows XP Service Pack 2… since that wasn’t working, I tried Service Pack 3. Still had no luck, so then I tried installing with the original Windows XP disc (no service packs included) and it worked.

Apparently the original disc had graphics drivers on it that were more suited for the card I was using. The only downside about this method was that I had to install all three service packs and go through hundreds of updates after installation was finished. So, when possible, just use a different video card during installation.