[Solved] IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on Lenovo – fresh Windows install

I bought a Lenovo B570 from Best Buy. The first thing I did was wipe the hard drive and put on a fresh installation of Windows 7 Ultimate. It installs fine, boots into Windows, and I let it install updates (and drivers) through Windows update. That finishes, I reboot, and get a blue screen of death before Windows can load the desktop:

I can boot into system recovery and revert back to a system restore before the updates, and everything works fine. I install the updates again, and get the same blue screen. I install the drivers from the manufacturer’s site instead of Windows update, and still the same blue screen.

I’ve been reading on the net that the problem has to do with the video card driver not being compatible unless Service Pack 1 has been installed. So here’s how I got around the problem:

1. Install Windows.
2. Use a flash drive to load the Ethernet driver.
3. Connect to Windows update, and manually deselect any update that is a driver, especially a video driver.
4. You’ll have to reboot a few times and keep installing more updates, but once that’s done, reboot again and then you should be able to let the rest of the drivers install.
5. Once the drivers install, reboot and as long as there’s no blue screen of death, you’re good to go.