How to Host a Jedi Knight II Server on Linux (Ubuntu)

This tutorial will show you how to host a dedicated Jedi Knight 2 server on Linux.

Install the necessary packages.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++6 screen

Install the game on Windows and copy the GameData folder over to your Linux server.  In this guide, I’m just installing everything in the home directory.


Go into the GameData directory and download the jk2linuxded104b package.

cd ~/jk2/GameData
tar xvf jk2linuxded104b.tar.gz

Per the instructions that come with the jk2linuxded104b package, change the permissions on (so you can run a JK2 server without root) and move it to your systems shared library directory.

chmod a+x
sudo mv /usr/lib

Create a server.cfg in your base directory and you are ready to host a JK2 server. It’s recommended to use screen so you can continue to run the server but be disconnected from SSH or the GUI terminal you’re using.

sudo apt-get install screen
screen -S jk2
~/jk2/GameData/jk2ded +exec server.cfg

Ctrl+A, D to disconnect from screen, and bring it back with screen -r jk2

Adding CJK-Mod

I basically play nothing but CJK Instagib, so these are the rest of my notes regarding that. If you are installing a different mod, the instructions should be similar.

cd ~/jk2/GameData
cp CJK-Mod/CJK-Mod\(0.6.0\).pk3 base

Make changes to server.cfg and place a copy in base.

vi CJK-Mod/server.cfg
cp CJK-Mod/server.cfg base

Start the server:

~/jk2/GameData/jk2ded +set dedicated 2 +set fs_game cjk-mod +exec server.cfg

Remember to forward port 28070 on your router before trying to find your server in the server list or telling people outside your LAN to connect.

To do:

Auto-restart script