How to host a JK2 1.02 server on Linux

You’ll need assets0.pk3 and assets1.pk3 – grab them off your current JK2 installation, or you can download them here (download the ISO).

Setup directories and place pk3 files.

mkdir ~/GameData ; mkdir ~/GameData/base
mv /path/to/assets[01].pk3 ~/GameData/base

Download JK2 server binaries.

cd ~/GameData
tar xvf jk2linuxded_c.tar.gz

Download the latest NT serverside files and unzip them to your GameData directory. Your GameData directory should look like this when you’re done:

$ ls
1.02_libs base jk2ded ntxii WORKAROUND

Make jk2ded executable and edit server.cfg as needed (make sure you have sv_pure 0).

chmod a+x ~/GameData/jk2ded
vi ~/GameData/base/server.cfg

Your server is now ready to start.

~/GameData/jk2ded +set fs_game ntxii +set vm_game 0 +exec server.cfg

If you get an error about a “Segmentation Fault,” then you need to use this command instead:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH="1.02_libs/" ./jk2ded +set fs_game ntxii +set vm_game 0 +exec server.cfg