How to Connect a Linksys Router to a 2Wire Modem/Router

I recently had a customer who was having wireless problems with his 2Wire modem/router, but the wired connection to his desktop was working fine. To remedy the issue, he purchased a Linksys router to replace the wireless portion of the 2Wire box.

The tricky part is getting these two devices to play nice with each other, so here’s what I did to get it to work:

Luckily, we can leave the 2Wire configuration the way it is, and just edit the Linksys settings to be compatible. By default, the 2Wire device will assign itself an IP address of and the Linksys router will assign itself The Linksys router will need to be configured to use a different IP address because these two devices can’t be in the same subnet ( and work correctly.

Without hooking up the devices to each other yet, either plug a PC into the Linksys router or connect to it wirelessly from a laptop, tablet, or something else that can connect to it. In your browser, type in order to pull up the Linksys configuration page. This page will ask you for a username and password – the default is a blank username with “admin” as the password.

Once you’ve logged in, configure the router IP address as

While you’re still on that screen, make sure that DHCP Server Setting is DISABLED. You won’t want the Linksys router handing out IP addresses via DHCP because that will still be 2Wire’s job.

Once you’ve made these changes and clicked save changes at the bottom of the page, hook the Linksys router to the 2Wire device – put the Ethernet cable in the Internet port on the Linksys router, and any of the available ports on the 2Wire modem/router.

It’s best to go ahead and unplug both of the device’s power and then plug them back in, just so everything has a chance to notice the network changes and adjust as needed. After that, you can now connect to the Linksys router (wirelessly and wired) instead of connecting directly to the 2Wire. All Internet communication will still go through the 2Wire device but the wireless portion of things will stay with the much better product – your Linksys router.